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If your business were an animal...

On my journey as a business owner, I have met so many incredibly talented, incredibly passionate, all-round amazing women! Some have become my support network, some I have had the privilege of doing work for, and many I have interviewed and written about. 

When I interview business owners my all time favourite question to ask them is “If your business were an animal, what would it be?” Why do I like this question? Because it takes people off guard a bit, they are all ready with their tried and true business spiels, but I like to make them think a bit more creatively about their business. Some hate the question, some love it, most laugh at it, but I end up getting some really great and insightful answers. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 I’ve compiled the answers to this question from 26 fabulous female business owners for you all to enjoy…

Laila Martin, West Coast Fitness  “A mother bear. As mother bears are affectionate, protective, devoted, joyful, fearful, playful social animals.  A bit like our business, yes we are about fitness and becoming a healthier you, but what makes us different from other gyms is we connect with all our members and feel protective and consider them to be our fitness family.”

Annette Piercy, Annette Piercy Pottery “A honeybee. Busily working away with raw materials from nature to transform them into something useful, beautiful and joyful.”

Lorraine Kaihau, Kapukeke “A unicorn lol. First thing that came to mind as our most popular “animal” cake. Yes…unicorns are real”

Shari Huxley, Little Luxe “That’s a tough one lol. But I instantly thought of a peacock!  A symbol of beauty, love, and passion.  The colours also align perfectly with the business colour theme haha”

Anita Mexted – Rearvision
“A Goat is the first that comes to mind.  Especially our Goat Lily, she’s always finding the good stuff (mostly to eat), she will keep on prodding until she finds what she’s after and she’s always there walking beside you.”

Steph Martin, The Goodness Grocer “A monkey – because they are generally pretty amazing at only eating good food and stay away from bad or dangerous foods. Also, I spend a huge amount of my week sharing my own experiences with customers while they navigate their own way, so we walk the talk, kind of like ‘monkey see, monkey do’, in the nicest possible way, people can see what I have gone through and what has worked or what hasn’t worked and they can try some of those things for themselves.”

Sandi Carter, Orange Lime Consulting  “I kind of want to say an older golden retriever.   Loyal and there with you.”

Sharon Grittiths, Inspired Nutrition “Probably a Labrador, they seem to be hungry and need help to keep fit and healthy.”

Kathy Chase, Kathy Chase Wellbeing “The word gentle is really important within my business. I pride myself on powerful techniques, without the pain. So I’d say the gentle giant, the Panda.”

Jenny Latto – Artist, Blogger, Trader  “A Tui, so colourful and the closer you look the more interesting the colours. They also can be aggressive and defensive but one of the most common pollinators of flowers. Maybe I’m a pollinator of creativity! Also Kiwiana features a lot in my art.”

Michelle Keenan, Michelle Keenan Yoga & Wellness “Oh my gosh, that’s a tough one haha! The first thing to come to mind was a unicorn, for two reasons! 1. Everyone loves unicorns, and everyone can love yoga and meditation, if they learn how to do it, and see how great they feel. And 2. Yoga helps you be more empathetic, accepting, and kinder to yourself and others – and I’m pretty sure unicorns are kind and accepting of everyone!”

Louise Deed, InDeed We Can “If my business were an animal, it would be a Monkey. Monkeys develop profound bonds and have great compassion for each other and their day-to-day existence is not all work – they love to play as well. This is a great symbolism for our values and what is important to the InDeed We Can team as a whole – creating long lasting relationships with our clients, understanding their individual needs and giving them the freedom to spend more time with their family and friends.”

Zelda Thompson, Landlord’s Assistant “Lion, fierce but fair.”

Stacey Wallis, Inquisitive by Nature “If Inquisitive by Nature was an animal, it’d be a bee! Naturally inquisitive and just like young children, always busy going about their work.”

Shannon Conaglen, Chaos & Confidence  “Ooooh, this is an interesting one! What pops into my mind immediately is a cheetah. Hmmm. It can spend time moving slowly or seemingly completely still, but there is a lot going on inside, as it observes everything around it. Then, it takes action, moving towards what it wants – that goal it can see. When it achieves the goal – SUCCESS! If it doesn’t, the cheetah does not give up. It takes time to rest and observe its surroundings once again, then tries again and again until it gets what it aims for.”

Catherine Tafto, Loom Shared Space “Maybe a dolphin? They work together, communicate and learn quickly.”

Sarah Davies, Sweet Spot Business Coaching “Oh gosh this is hard. I’m going to say an owl as I like to think I give wise advice as well as being a good listening ear and I take my clients under my wing and really care for them and look after them.”

Tamara Liebman, Calibrate Legal “Calibrate Legal is a hummingbird – small, quick, responsive and colourful.  Calibrate Legal is also partial to sweet treats!”

Caitlin Taylor, Chasing Cait “A swan…. it might look smooth and put together on top, but underneath I’m paddling like hell to keep everything going haha!”

Sarah Hilyard, Sweet Axe Throwing Co. “Unpopular opinion: I think it’s an ant! But maybe like a fun aunt-ant? We’re community-driven and ambitious- we’re building something big! We’ve brought a whole sport to New Zealand, and really we’re just two normal people who have never done anything like this before- it’s wild!”

Catherine Watson, Boldly “A bold tigress protecting her tiger cubs, aka clients, from bad design and ensuring brand consistency and effective design solutions for their business.”

Rebecca Grieve, Craving Cupcakes “It would be a Doe Deer. She’s beautiful and liked by all. She makes you smile. She does her own thing. She has a form of determination and softness and breaks through whatever obstacles that come her way- she is stronger than she seems.”

Sarah Tohill, Extension Marketing “I would say maybe a dog as I am supportive and loyal. I’m there every step of the way cheering or guiding the business owners I work with along their pathway to success.”

Melaine Medland, Beautiful Conversations – A turtle. Under every tough teen exterior is a soft, tender and unprotected heart that is easily wounded. Our adolescents may not act as if they need us, when they really do. They need an adult who will be their sounding board, their guide and the person who knows them best. Anxiety and depression are thieves and liars. They promise our kids they are keeping them safe, when all they do is keep them small, and ashamed. The less we talk with our kids about how they’re feeling and the challenges they’re facing, the less we are able to help them grow into the adults they are capable of becoming. So many of our young people are being lost to low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, anxiety, depression and suicide. It’s heartbreaking. It’s tragic. And it’s preventable.

Katrina Johns, Accent Photography – I think it would have to be a dog because I love being around other people, love to build relationships and loyalty with our clients all while having a bit of fun.

Katharine Hamilton, Fitted by Katharine Hamilton – A dolphin; I make the process of having a bra fitting fun and enjoyable for women, while providing a safe space and a caring service.

And mine? My business would be an Eagle.
By soaring above the eagle looks at things from a different perspective, as I do when looking for businesses’ stories. The Eagle also sees the bigger picture, which is the type of thinker I am. I help businesses with their vision, and guide and support them on the path to achieve that through the use of great content.”

Happy International Women's Day all you Fabulous Women!

I’d love to hear from others too, so post your answer below – If your business were an animal, what would it be?

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